English October one-pager

For my October one-pager, I decided to read the book Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly. I loved Inside Out And Back Again, so much I decided to find similar books since It was a marvelous read. What popped was Fish In A Tree, Booked, and Listen Slowly, as you already know I decided to choose Fish In A Tree because I had already read Booked, and Listen Slowly was the same author as my September one-pager. The reason Fish In A Tree and Inside Out And Back Again are similar is that they both are about hardship, bullying, and learning something they never knew before, for Ally it was how to read and for Ha (a character from Inside Out And Back Again) she needed to learn English. Before I sped down the stairs to beg my mom to drive to the bookstore in Middletown, I decided to take a peek in my sister's room just in case, even though I was almost certain she didn't have the book. I was just about to leave the room when an aqua blue book spine caught the corner of my eye, "please be it !" My mind begged. I believe that I and Ally relate in some ways. Especially since Ally and I both have stage fright. "I feel hot. Then Etch A Sketch brain hits me and I go blank. Staring at the page that I wrote".(Hunt 205).
This was when Ally was nominated to be class president and she had to make a speech to win people's votes. This quote relates to me because I get butterflies just like Ally, when I'm reading to the class, making announcements, being in the play, singing at concerts, etc. I would give this book a five out of five-star rating. I gave this rating because this novel teaches you that anything is possible. Whoever says you can't do something, you can, if you are as determined as Ally Nickerson, and people believe in you and you believe in yourself you can achieve almost everything. All of Ally's Teachers in the past never even thought of the idea that she had dyslexia, they always thought she just wasn't trying. Up until 6th grade, everything changed. On one of her first days, Mr. Daniels gave a piece of paper to Ally and asked her to read it even though he knew she couldn't. The paper said "IMPOSSIBLE". After he read the message to Ally, he took the paper and ripped off "IM" and gave it to her. That example ties into another thing Fish In A Tree taught me, it's that teachers are our superheroes. Teachers value as much as doctors, police officers, firefighters, etc. because all of these jobs save children and adult's lives. Teachers create the minds of our future, and a great teacher goes a long way and means so much to a child. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a hopeful story of believing and shows you, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.
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